Right To Censor (PPWZone Edition)

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You already know the stance we have taken on the moral black hole that is the World Wrestling Federation, and now we know you will help us fight the good fight against this corrupt "web site" PPWZone.com. To not only agree with, and promote the WWF, and their fellow federations, but to also bend children's cartoons for the viewers, and "web masters" sick entertainment is something we, and you, just can't stand for.

There are, among others, men and women who are scantily clad, use weapons regularly against people, constantly cuss, and are over all the worst role models this good nation has ever seen! How can any moral human being use a cartoon, a cartoon about upstanding, positive role models like super heroes much less, to base his little fantasy world on? It's time we put a stop to it.

We hope that after visiting our special PPWZone department, that you will realize the error of your ways in coming to this site, and join us in our attempt to purify the world wide web of site like it. With your help, we will make telivision and online a cleaner, safer, more morally correct place to live, play, and work in.

And remember, we did all this, because we know you would have wanted us to.