The World Wrestling Federation

Your hero and mine, the savior of the WWF, and sports entertainment in general for that matter. Y2J! Also with his new shiny belt that Triple H screwed him out of. (Boo!)
The Rock- The "People's Champion," in the coolest 500 dollar shirt I've ever seen.
Kurt Angle- Two heros on one show. Life is good!
Undertaker- Biker or not, Undertaker is back!
Tazz- Beat him if you can, Survive if he lets you. (Why hasn't he said that in WWF yet?)
Crash(Elroy)Holly and Scale Holly- A super heavy weight, and his pet scale.
The Big Slow- Ok, I'll admit it, he's getting better. But the second I see spit, his old bio's going up!
Mr Arse- Out of Order

Bubba {Buh Buh} Rey- JR may not like him, but he seems to be in the minority. 3D!
Devon- The level headed one. 3D!