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: Back To Jericho Land

Power Puff Wrestlers!!!!!!!

Updates: June 17-Added Vince McMahon to stables.

June 11- Added Crah Holly and Undertaker to WWF, and Stephany McMahon Helmsly and Grand Master Sexy to Stables.

June 10- Wow! I havn't updated in a while have I? Sorry about that. Anywho, totally new set up, and all the pics links are fixed. I'll have new PPW up in a bit. Jericho Land is back baby!

April 24- Added Champion Jericho in WWF

April 16- Added Tazz to the WWF

April 15- Added The Mean Street Possie to WWF

While watching a ECW tape a friend of mine made for me, I noticed a cartoon after the show. That cartoon was the Power puff girls, a cartoon in the animation style of Ren and Stimpy, crossed with Japanese Anime, about three super powered girls fighting crime. The catch is it's very funny, and very violent. To be blunt, this show rocks. And I figured as a cool attraction for Jericho Land, I would put my artistic skills to good use, and make some Power Puff Girls inspired Wrestlers up for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy, and send me any comments, criticisms, or suggestions. Thanks.



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Legal Thingy

I don't own Power Puff Girls, Cartoon Network does. I also have nothing to do with WWF, ECW, and especially WCW. This site is just up for fun.