The Fact-sheen

Triple H- Leader of the DX Gang, and the game-ah.
Stephany McMahon Helmsly- Behind every great game, is a greater...gamett? I have nothing against Stephy baby. Everyone needs to make a living, even filthy, dirty, disgusting, brutal, skanky, bottom feeding, trash bag hos.
Vince McMahon- The mastermind behind all that's good about sports entertainment. You don't cross the boss daddio!
The D-O-Double G
X-Pac *aka greasy mole boy*
Love Em, and Leave Em Tori

Too Cool!

Rakishi, he can bust a move, or a fitness club cash back guarantee.But at least he doesn't slobber all over the place.
The master of the worm! Scotty 2 Hottie
GM Sexy- In coming jam.

The Possie

Mean Street Posse- Shane O'Mac's former hunch people, and hardcore heros!