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Wrestling Sites A great site for wrestling info, and REALLY funny recaps. Another great wrestling info site
Wrestling Good news source, and great multimedia section. (Don't tell Vince) The man tied for my first fav, and who stole my amusement park gimick! :) The Site of The Whole F'n Show (My Second Fav)
Mona Madness: My friend's Mona site.
The Official Dawn Marie Home Page: Dawn rocks!!! She is a super star.
WWW.ATTITUDETEES.COMA great site to buy wrestling T-Shirts.

Misc Fav's of Mine The Originator! The best dang SP Wrestlers out there!
Gamesages.: The cure for the common code. If you cant find a video game code it, it might not exist.
And Now The Beatles...: A great site of the greatest band Eh Eh EEEEEEEEEver! One of the best bands going today.


EHWF RP Wrestling: One of the two best rp feds around! Check it out.
OCWF RP Fed: The other one of the two. Check this one out too.
NWA E-Fed: I know I told you there were two great feds out there, but hey, a third one came up.