Chris Jericho's Bio

Height: 6'
Weight: 231 pounds
Famous Moves- Loinsault, "Yea Baby" Pin, Missile Jericho-kick
Finishing Move: The Walls of Jericho
Born-New York, New York
Raised- Winnipeg...Manitoba, Canada (hehe)
Pro Wrestling Debut- October 2, 1990
Wrestling Style- Submission, High Flying
Career Highlights:  Canadian Heavy Weight Champion
WWA Tag Team Champion with El Dandy  
NWA Middle Weight Champion
Canadian Midweight Champion
International Junior Heavyweight Champion
International Junior Tag Team Champion (with Gedo)
ECW Television Champion
5x WCW Cruiserweight Champion
WCW TV Champion
3x WWF Intercontinental Champion 
Underwater Breath Holding Champion :)
WWF World Champion (Never happened my foot!)