Welcome To the Haunted House! Bwa ha ha ha

Watch your step, and close the door behind you. You are about to enter into a world of unknown terror and danger. You are about to enter into Jericho's Haunted Rouge's Gallery...gallery...gallery. Spooky huh? Yes friends, in this dreary old mansion lies all the info you need to know about Y2J's more prominent foes. SO buckle up, and away we go! (Rhyming's cool)

<-*Road Jobb (Jimmy Jones)*->

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 236 pounds

From: Nashville, Tennessee

Finishing Move- The Pump Handle Slam

Favorite Quote: "Oh you didnít know? I'm going to say it a million more times so you dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Career highlights: Tag Team Champion (5); Hardcore Champion, Intercontinental Champion

Fought Jericho in- His debut match on Smackdown!

Start of Feud- It's your friend and mine's PPV debut at Summersham, Road Jobb was losing audience members attention left and right. "Bathroom break!" was yelled across the arena. In the back a knight in shining armor yelled. "No way Jose! That idiot isn't going to ruin my new company any more!" And so, in the middle of JOBB''s babbling, LIGHTS, CAMERA, JERICHO! Y2J congratulates Jimmy on being able to spell his name right. (hehe) He then offers to direct him to the nearest doctor. Why? Because poor Mr. Jones as well as all the other members of DX suffer from dyslexia. When they go around saying Suck it! What they actually mean "It sucks!" Suck does certainly X-Degeneration and! (think, then continue) JOBB replies with some gutter phrase, and cries in a corner until Jericho leaves in disgust.

Feud High points- Road Jobb is caught by our hero listening to country music, and in shame, lashes out at him on RAW IS JERICHO! They brawl to the back where through trickery and shenanigans, JOBB gets the upper hand. (Boo!) Later in the show, The Warrior Harold dashes to the ring to defend his friend's (and yours) honor. He calls out Mr. JOBB and asks him to come out and explain his actions. But the one time he is actually ASKED to speak, he decided to physically threaten poor Harold instead! But not to worry, the coolest guy named Chris (ever) came out to make the save. (Yea!)

End of Feud- 'Twas the debut of our hero, and all through the place, the people were stirring, smiles on their face. But who to there disappointment should appear, but a braid wearing southerner, with the brains of a deer. He babbles his entrance, as we all know, the more he says it, the more tired of it I grow. He enters the ring, and with a zock and a zing, dares our hero to come down to the ring! "Why do you speak in rhyme?" you the reader (or the voices in my head) ask? Because the "J to that O to that double B" started off this mini feud with a rhyme. "Chris Jericho, the D-O-Double G, in cell block C, couldn't get a pack of cigarettes for your ass." (Apparently, Mr. Jones has spent some time in a chiz-ell) "SO get your ass on out of here and la dee da" (Or something like that, I can't remember that well.) So the lights go out, the ratings go up, and the savior of our company makes his network TV debut! After verbally destroying Mr. Jones, he flies to the ring, and beats on JOBB like a dirty rug. And in the end, Mr. Jobb gets sent through a table, and is put out of our collective misery for a few weeks. Some say it's so he could go into drug rehab, but I think it's just the combo of a broken pride, and a broken back baby!

Evilness- He was a jerk, he was a poor influence on the little Jericholics, he was boring, but evil? No, not that evil. I'll give him a 5 out of 10.

Future of the Feud- Jobb came back later, and the two haven't met that much since, but there's a strong possibility of a return feud since JOBB is slowly getting the idea that he's supposed to be a HEEL! and now that more people have converted to Jerichoism, and he's becoming bigger than that Rocky guy.

<-*Ken Skamrock*->

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 235 lbs.

From: San Diego, California

Finishing Move: Ankle Lock Submission

Career Highlights: 1998 King Of The Ring, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion (with Big Boss Man)

Fought Jericho in- Some Smackdowns and RAWs, but never (ever) a full fledged match. They were supposed to fight at Unforgivably boring pay per view, but punked out.

Start of the Feud- As soon as the last feud ended, this one picked up. On the same night Jericho put away Road Jobb away, He also had sent Warrior Harold out on a mission. Get your job back before a leggy blond steals it from you! (Learn more about Harold in the Fun House) After bungling it up, Y2J is forced to save Harold, when who should appear, but Kenny Scamrock. (Totally unannounced mind you!) Kenny bumped into our hero for no good reason on his way to the ring, then laughed and laughed! Jericho lets it go, so he could bide his time. The world's thickest man had started a mind game with the wrong Mama Jamma!

Feud High points- Jericho had already made an appearance on the show, destroying future ppv opponent X-punk. Skamrock came out to grunt and groan, and Jericho challenged him to a race. As they ran to the back, Kenny saw what he thought was Jericho, standing victorious at the finish line. Being a soar loser, he grabbed Y2J to do harm upon him..but wait! That's not out hero, it's Harold! Kenny tried to mumble out an excuse for grabbing Harold when it happened! As reported by Jericholic Xperience, the attitude scorpion made his first appearance in WWF, attacking Skamrock! Jericho came running behind him and whacked Scorpy off Skammy's back. To commemorate the event, Jericho had Harold take a picture, so he could remember. (Me so funny)

Rage in the Cage! one of Jericho's greatest humanitarian efforts debuted at another edition of Smackdown. You see, Jericho was so worried that he might harm Skamrock after all the idiotic things he had done, he locked himself in a cage while speaking to Kenny. The plan was to have Harold raise Jericho away before Y2J got too pissed off, and tare the cage...and then Kenny limb from limb! But thanks to some interference from Livian G, Harold was preoccupied. So when Skamrock stole Y2J's bat, the P.O.V. knew he was about to go medieval on Kenny. "Raise the cage Harold!" was yelled, but nothing happened. So Jericho went into a state of meditation, so as not to hurt Kenny. Skamrock took advantage of the situation, and beat on Y2J! Luckily the Zebras saved the day, and Kenny wasn't hurt.

Curtis Gump debuted. Why? Because WWF thought, Ralphus was good, lets do it again! But Ralphus was a one time deal people! Jericho doesn't need any help anymore, he's here to help OTHER people. Namely the WWF retain the ratings. Get it! There was a lot of Gump moments in the feud, but they sucked, so they don't go in a great moments category do they?

First Blood! Smackdown was the Jericholic show of choice back then. Kenny was to fight the masta of disasta in the dreaded first blood match! Now Y2J once held the ECW TV title, while Kenny used to work in a zoo or something. Who do YOU think will win? Of course it was Jericho, using his superior intellect and hockey gear, to destroy Mr. Skamrock.

End of the feud- At the Unforgivably Bad PPV, Jericho was slated to finally put an end to Skamrock's reign of bullyness in the WWF. But it seems Kenny got cold feet, and ran as far as his stubby little legs could carry him. So Jericho wins via count out in my opinion.

Evilness- Stupid, short tempered, untalented, but a-gain not too evil. I'll give him a 5 out of 10. You couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor guy. But he did have it coming.

Future of the Feud- Oh yea! On fine day, Skamrocks going to get the courage to come back to the WWF. And when he does, everyone and their uncle are betting Jericho will be his first (and more than likely last) target. But this time, the Jericholics have grown by leaps and bounds. Crowd support is 100% behind Jericho, so what is Kenny gonna do when Jerichomania runs wild on...him. Should be a great re-feud.


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 200 lbs.

From: ???

Finishing Move: Pedigree

Career Highlights: First woman to enter the Royal Rumble, First woman to enter the King of the Ring, Two time Intercontinental Champion.

Fought Jericho in- From the RAW after Unforgiven , until The Royal Rumble.

Start of the Feud- It's RAW IS JERICHO. Chyna had just won the IC title on the previous night's ppv from the departing Jeff Jarret. WWF had just lost it's biggest up and coming heel, and had no where to turn looking for decent competition for their new champ. So they had no choice but to go for superior competition!

Chyna and MINI Chyna come out to celebrate. She makes some corny kitchen jokes thinking a second rate comedy act will get the audiences' attention away from the obvious. The IC division was now in shambles, and it was all her fault. The crowd doesn't buy it.

What they do buy however is the Y2J countdown that interrupts Chyna's little tirade! Jericho tells us all how proud he is to be a wrestler, that is until today. Until the likes of Chyna took the title and dragged it in the proverbial mud. Jericho offers a quick solution to the problem. Give him the belt so he can save the division! Chyna (being the dastardly devil woman she is) whacks Y2J in the head instead of handing it over, and now its on!

Feud High points- The Screw Up Stevie Saga. First on Smackdown, Stevie Richards, dressed in drag, gets chosen as Jericho's partner in a mixed tag match. Stevie screws it all up and the match goes no where. Flash forward to the next week, Stevie (dressed as Chyna) challenges Y2J to a match! Jericho makes quick work of the little Jericho (and everyone else) wanna-be. Then finally Chyna, in an effort to make herself feel better, dresses Richards up as Jericho and beats on him. (Poor poor girl) But the real Jericho has had enough! He runs out and saves Richards. In the corner of his eye, he sees the once great IC belt. Our hero raises it up to his waist, and the crowd gets a glimpse of a much happier future. But that comes later.

Survivor Series- The good news, our hero saved the ppv with what was universally considered the best match on the card. The bad news, he lost. I, as well as lots of other people, were outraged, but this is WWF, so we knew a rematch was coming soon.

Hammer Time. Weird stuff. I guess we can blame this momentary lapse in reason (Pink Flyod rocks!) to Vinny Russo. In an effort to make Jericho a despised heel (bad guy,) a bit was written and performed in which our hero goes insane and kidnaps Chyna. After demanding she pay his masseuse bill after carrying her through the whole match Sunday, she refused. The Paragon of virtue raise a hammer above his head and, stopped. Chyna goaded him on. (pinch your nose to do a Chyna impression) "I knew you didn't have the guts to do it Chris." With eyes full of rage he blasted the ropes of the chair holding her down, so she could run away before he administered an ayatollah style beat down. But he missed. Instead he accidentally hit Chyna's thumb. Thousands of letters were sent to Y2J, WWF, and lots of other places demanding that their hero does not turn into a near sighted heel! The WWF took notice and it never (EH EH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEver) happened a-gain.

All is well. Luckily the following Smackdown, Jericho did not come down with glasses. Instead he just came down, made a few thumb jokes, and beat Mark Henry in a clean win! (The first in a while)

End of the Feud Part 1- Arama-Jericho! Its the final showdown between two bitter enemies. (Or so we thought) Once again Jericho puts on the best match of the card (and Chyna even helps a little bit) Despite the fact that Chyna was supposed to be the fan favorites, the fans are no dummies. Jericho is clearly favored, and in a moment that will be forever remembered in history, Jericho gets Chyna in the Wall o' Jericho and "Chyna taped out! She taped out!" The fans go nuts, and the Y2J face era has begun! After the match, Chyna interrupts Jericho to shake his hand. If that was the end of it all, life would be so much better, but yet, it's not.

It Drags On- Chyna for the next few weeks, interrupts any title matches Jericho has, leaving everyone confused. "Why is she doing this?" everyone asked. Soon we find out. Some time before Royal Rumble 2000, Chyna reveals (hold your nose again) "I didn't do it out of respect, I did it because I was waiting for a broken thumb to heal. Well guess what Chris, it's fine now!" Chyna was deceiving all of us! She wasn't admitting who the better man was and getting on with her life. No, she wants yet another rematch! (re-rematch?)

She gets her freakin rematch, and the zebras screw the ending up. One says Chyna won, the other (and smarter one) says Jericho. What will everyone do? It seems Stephanie had the (cough cough) bright idea that Jericho and Chyna could CO-hold the belt. Needless to say neither liked the idea, and spent the next few weeks wasting everyone's time.

The End of the Feud Part 2- Somewhere along the line, Bob Holly gets thrown in so the fans dont get totally pissed off at seeing the same match 3 ppvs in a row. So Royal Rumble in my home state of New York marks the "real" end of the feud. There, after a match that was on par with a great ppv Jericho retained the title to become the first 2 time champion never to lose the belt in the first place!

Evilness- Sneaky, whiny, demented, brutish. These are just a few of the nice things I can say about Chyna. she is so far Jericho's worst enemy, and thus gets a 8 out of 10 evil stars. (8 because she wasn't a heel at the time, and because she could have been a little more evil.)

Future of the Feud- Oh boy. Since then Chyna has become....Jericho's buddy? The only explanation given so far is that after months of hating each other, Y2J and Chyna just up and fell in love with each other. Even though they just act like friends in the ring. It makes no sense, and somehow I feel Chyna will still end up screwing over Y2J again. Maybe as the start of a Y2J/Triple H feud?

(More to come)