Jericho Land Fun House!

Hi ya. You've just stepped into the Jericho Land Fun House. Here you can laugh, giggle and have an all around good time. See the antics of Harold Finkle, groan and the foolishness of Curtis Gump, (TM Jericholics Xperience) or wonder what the heck Chyna is doing still hanging around our hero!

<:)Harold Finkle(:>

Previous Occupation- Ring Announcer

Jerichofied Career- Warrior Extraordinare!

How it all started- In the beginning, there was Goldberg. Then there was Ralpus, then WWF said, "Hey, Ralphus is cool, let's sign him!" WCW said "No way dude!" So WWF said, "Fine, we'll make an even cooler Ralphus dude!" And WCW was all "Whatever!" Just kidding. In fact, Harold was the first WWF employee to become a Jericholic. And as it's founding member, he felt obligated to help the man who gave his life new meaning in any way he could. Sure he messed up most of the time, but by gumbo, we still love him.

Memories- Harold called out Road Jobb, only to get roughed up. Of course, Jericho ran out to save him after a while, but The Warrior needed to prove himself first.

-Harold's many talents include shining shoes, technician, clothing modeling, and baggage boy!

-Seeing that The Warrior was being phased out of his job, Jericho demanded that he head down to the ring and get back his respect! Unfortunately, the new guy got the better of Harold.

-Once again wanting to retrieve his job before a ditzy blond took it over, Harold challenged Chimmle a-gain! But this time it was to a tuxedo match. Harold gave it his best, but, much to the pleasure of the ladies in the audience, he lost after a cheap shot. After seeing the female Jericholics Finklemainia, Y2J suggested Harold try out for some underwear commercials.

All Good Things (Have to come to an end)- As can be read in the haunted house, Kenny Skamrock was made to look even more of a fool via the "Rage in the Cage" bit. As Jericho finally felt Skammy couldn't get more embarrassed, he demanded Harold raise the cage, but no. Unfortunately, the same blond that made him lose his first job, cost him his second as well! Livian Garcia was complaining about having to memories too many names, and Harold lost track of time, and forgot about his cage raising duties. As he and his employer met in the parking lot, Jericho told him he had to let him go due to his careless actions tonight. Harold completely understood, and walked off into the sunset.

The Y2J sidekick curse- Since then, Harold has virtually disappeared. Even thought he would say GuerrerO, and know the difference between the Hardyz, Livian Garcia has now taken over his job. Oh well, I guess even WWF isn't perfect.

Side Kick Worth- He was entertaining, lovable goof ball. Both peoples popularity went up thanks to each other. Harold was the perfect side kick. 5 out of 5 stars.

<:)Curtis Gump(:>

Previous Occupation- Indy Wrestler, and masked shoot fighter

Jerichofied Career- Incompetent body guard.

How it started- To prove that indeed he, Chris Jericho, was the worlds most dangerous man, he employed the legendary shoot fighter GOTCH Gracie. He tossed around the guy for a while, until Skamrock got annoyed and made it into the cage. It was then that GOTCH reveled himself to be Curtis Gump, Screw Up Extraordinare.

Memories- One of the few good memories of Mr. Gump was thanks to our hero and the briefly returning Harold. Gump was fighting Skamrock that night, and since the res were on strike, Jericho pulled Harold out of the gutter one last time, to officiate the match as his world famous alter ego El Dopo! El Dopo did a great job as usual, and disqualified Skammy after he refused to give up the girly-man submission hold.

-Gump almost costs Jericho a match against Mr. Arse.

-Gump almost costs Jericho a first blood match against Kenny.

-Gump costs Jericho his ppv debut match.

-Gump costs Jericho his tag team match against Mankind and The Rock.

All Bad Things (Have to come to an end)- At a Sunday Night HeAt that I got to see live, Gump does so poorly against The Dudleys, than Jericho gives up on him and leaves. After that, Jericho give Gump his walking papers, and tells him to put his career on the line in a card match against The aPa. He does and, being the bungler he is, loses.

The Y2J sidekick curse- Since that fateful day, Gump has yet to be seen.

Side Kick Worth- The GOTCH bit was great, and it went all down hill from there. Apparently Russo though Jericho needed a side kick to make it, so stuck Gump on to our hero. Russo is now cleaning the floors in WCW. Gump was totally worthless, and a step back for Y2J. 1 out of 5 stars.


Previous Occupation- Triple H hench person, and woman's rights activist.

Jerichofied Career- Mysterious friend/sidekick/possible love interest.

How it all started- Chyna and Jericho feuded for a quarter of a year, and out of the blue, they're friends one day. Your not the only one confused.

Memories- I'm over all not a big fan of Chyna lately, but she has had one or two memorable moments.

Dancin' Queen. After helping out too cool, Y2J and Chyna joined them in their post match dance-a-thon! Chyna should show some personality a little more often.

No Way! Before No Way Out, Chyna actually contributed to an interview. That was...nice.

All Evil Things(Come to an end.)- I knew it! Chyna (being a very sore loser) was just biding her time until she could stab Jericho in the back again. The RAW after WM2000, Chyna cost Y2J the European title, when she joined forces with Eddie Gurrerro, and nailed Jericho with a DDT. Now she can be seen hanging around Mr. Latino Heat.

Side Kick Worth- She was never a freind at all, and even when she was pretending to be on Y2J's side, she wasn't very useful. 0 out of 5 stars.