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Who's Time?? by Zippy "The man you love to hate" How cute. Quit trying to be funny Wally. Anyway, Zippy here with my column. Mr. Wally hasn't gave me a title for my column yet and he'd throw a hissy fit about my choosing a name so I'll leave it nameless. I was told that I can write about anything wrestling related so what better topic to start with than Triple H. Now why he isn't WWF Champion is a question all true wrestling fans are asking themselves. Triple H beat the Rock probably 75% of the matches they fought. Vince McMahon gets pinned and Rock becomes the new WWF Champion. Did Triple H ever get a rematch? NO! Is he even the number one contender? NO! For some reason Chris Benoit is the number one contender. Everyone knows that the Rock has no wrestling talent and that Benoit has no personality. Why are they the two top dogs? The reason the Game is being held back is because of that annoying Chris Jericho. He whines and pouts that he should be a maineventer. Triple H already proved that he's better. He has proved that Jericho is WAY out of his league. As my first column here at, I'm gonna keep this one short. I'm asking for feedback. I know that there are many Game fans out there. Email me at PPWZoneZippy and tell me what you think about this whole situation. Should the Game be WWF Champion? Should Chris Jericho be fighting superstars like Val Venis? I'll post your comments next week. -Zippy