Wrestling Fans vs. Sports Entertainment Fans

By Glenda

Wrestling has been around for ages. We can all agree that wrestling is a type of sport that consist of holds, moves and pins. From Japan to the US wrestling has always been a way to show technicality, aggresiveness, and how long and how much a body can take with every clothesline, huricanrana and any other wrestling holds you can name for a long period of time.

People would line up to see the good guys beat the bad guys and gasp when the good guy got clotheslined.

Years passed and there were two companies competing for the ratings. The World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling. It was around 1998 that the World Wrestling Federation took "sports-entertainment" to a whole new level. Good guy vs. Bad guys were not enough anymore. In Vince McMahon's eyes the wrestling fans were ready for a whole new "attitude." And he did just that. Unleashing such characters as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Val Venis, Sable, The Godfather, Goldust, The Ministry of Darkness's The Undertaker and DX. All of whom contributed to the big "controversial way wrestling has become." But in all of this controversy, why did fans keep on coming back? Well, I guess Vince was right. Wrestling fans are ready for something new! But how much "wrestling" fans are left with this new "attitude" anyway?

In my eyes, fans kept on coming back because of the "soap opera" type story lines and how everything would end up in a "slobber knocker." The way The Rock works the mic and how much hell raising Stone Cold Steve Austin was making certainly made a lot of the fans coming back every Monday to see what unfolds in Raw is War.

Two years has come and gone and the WWF are stronger than ever. Just look at the ratings! And the WWF are nowhere near ending their streak! But that brings me back to my question...how many WRESTLING fans are out there?

The answer: not many. The minute "Do You Smell What The Rock Is Cookin'?" comes on crowd goes crazy! And when Rocky comes out to these crazy fans, the flashes on every camera goes off. The skills and the way he holds the fans on the palm of his hands with catch phrases are amazing!

Now let us look at another great talent: Eddie Guerrero. Yes, Eddie "Latino Heat" Guerrero. Whenever you watch this man fight, you can bet that he will give you a good wrestling match. But what happened to the fan reaction? Where's the clapping and the cheering for the work this man is doing? The quick feet, the high flying manouvers, the beating that the man takes.

When the Hardy Boyz aren't flying all over the place and just wrestling with holds and pins where did all the cheering and clapping go?

So I ask again, "How many wrestling fans are out there?" The answer, "People are more excited with flying guys who put their bodies or even their life on the line and guys who have catch phrases such as "If you smell........" "It will never, EVER...." "Give me a HELL YEAH!" than just plain old wrestling."

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