By Webmaster Wally

Hello, and welcome to! I am the owner of this fine site, that I hope will take off like a rocket. Anywho, in this little column, I'm going to look around the wrestling world and tell you what I see. Let's rock!

- Fully Loaded. Good stuff. Hardyz Vs TnA was amazing, Tazz should have beaten the hell out of Snow. His win seemed a little less convinving than it should have been. Tazz can very well be the next Triple H or Austin. Kurt shouldn't have been destroyed like he did in his match. I understand Undertaker just got back, and deserves a few wins, but Angle is in store for big things, and he could have used a slightly more even match. Much like Jericho Vs Triple H, and Beniot Vs Rock. Both did a great job at getting the "new guys" over, and giving action that made you feel you got your moneys worth.

-Is it mandatory for all smart marks to love heels(bad guys) and hate faces(good guys)?

- I found RAW to be very entertaining and an improvement over recent weeks. Plus they're saving all the REALLY big stuff for next week. (AKA Raven)

-Where is Crash Holly?

-The WWF needs a weirdo again. I vote to bring back Saturn Manson.

-If X-Pac loses to Blackman clean on Smackdown, I will be one happy camper.

- Jericho is better as a face. He sells more T-Shirts, gets better pops, and better opponents as a face. There should, and hopefully will be no heel turns for the millennium man any time soon.

-Triple H going face however could work, especially with Big Show as a heel now. The main event face/heel ratio is a lot more even these days.

-Shane O'Macs stable should officially call themselves a stable. Not leave it up in the air wether or not they're just hanging out or something like the Fact-sheam was.

-I have a suggestion for ECW to help boast ratings. GIVE RVD THE TITLE BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Also have Dawn Marie manage Jerry Lynn to get him over as a face, or give him Fonzie and let him be RVDs first title feud as a heel.

-Tajiri rocks. Lita rocks too.

-How do you think the Playboy shoot will affect Chyna's "Woman Power" image?

-Lance Storm's new persona, even though it's kind of "inspired" by Bret Hart, is still the most entertaining part of WCW. I voted for Lance in that farce f a vote Monday, how about you?

- How about P.O.D. hitting number one on TRL eh? Maybe this means pop is on the decline and rock will make it's triumphant return! (I doubt it, but I can hope)

-Thats about it for me. Enjoy the site, I'll be back in about a week.