The Sultan's Column

Come with Chris on a magic carpet ride of a column.

Hello everybody its Chris, the Sultan of Sexy, :o) Im the man they call the 9.5er, and of course they would want me to do who's hot, and who's not in the world of wrestling, I will also cover possible angles, so if you just rode that Roller Coaster, and had a bite to eat, you may wanna wait 30 minutes before reading this.

WHO'S HOT! To start things off, I would like to say my number one man for this week would have to be, the Canadian Crippler, Chris Benoit. Benoit has been held back since he joined the WWF, and look to see him become a double champion at Wrestlemania!

Say Hello to The Big Show, the question is on everybody's mind, who will win the World Title at Wrestlemania, Most People think its going to be the Rock, and others think Mick Foley is the man, and quite frankly, im getting tired of Triple H holding that World title. Now nobody is saying anything about the Big Show, personally I dont like him, but look for him to be the sleeper at Wrestlemania, and bring home the gold, for the second time

Too Cool and Rikishi have got to be three of the most entertaining guys in the business today. Scott Taylor and that old school style, and Brian Christopher tries so hard to dance and look good, they have to cheer these guys, but Rikishi steels the show, with his rendition, last call at the all you can eat buffet. Rikishi is destined for WWF gold in the year 2000

This tag team may surprise you, but Eric Bishoff and Vince Russo are back, and heading up the creative team down south in Atlanta, this duo could do some real damage, and bring WCW back to contendership, but everybody reading this should know, that WCW will never be the WWF, and WCW will have to be happy with being second best.

The last guy I wanna speak about is a guy named Crow Bar, this former WWF Jobber known as Devon Storm, will be the next Mick Foley. He will get sent through tables, set on fire, and simply get put over, by taking all the bumps and bruises. If you would have told me one year ago, that Devon Storm was going to be a star, I would have laughed in your face

WHO'S NOT There are so many people who I can think of that should be number one on this list, but I have to say, Ric Flair needs to hang up his boots. Is it me, or is The Nature Boy, trying to relive his youth by growing his hair long again. Ric I got news for you, your old! Its time to move on and pass the torch, you have done enough for the business, but enough is enough. The only thing you should stick around for, is to put the young talent over, like Vampiro, and Buff Bagwell.

Mike Awesome in my opinion is the worst Microphone worker in the business. Yeah he's big, yeah he's tough, and yeah he's mean, but those verbal skills are horrible, its like he's reading a cue card, and having trouble with the words. Its a well know fact that ECW is not known for their well thought out angles, but instead for their long wrestling matches, but Mike, come on, maybe go back to school, take some public speaking courses, and when you can actually come up with a sentence, come back to work.

Hulk Hogan, enough said!!!!!!!

My favorite Tag team of all time would have to be The Dudley Boyz, but putting Mae Young through a table was cool to watch the first ten times, but that is old, everybody puts people through tables, maybe if they set up a good feud with the Acolytes, threw some ladders in the mix, maybe a falls count anywhere match, that would be something to remember

Jacqueline, Oh my God, what the hell is she all about. This has got to be, the biggest down fall of the WWF, she is no champion, as a matter of fact she pretty much sucks. If you really want to see a woman wrestler, take a look at Luna, she may be not much to look at, but she is a great female wrestler. Jacqueline needs to be fired, shot, wrapped in stainless steel chains, and thrown into the East River, where she will never be seen again.

Those where my opinions of who's hot and who's not!