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Ayatollah Multimedia Multiplex : Y2J Pics
Paragon of Parades: Sounds of Your Role Model
Fun House: Friends of the Friend of Friends
Haunted House: Chris Jericho's Most Evil of Foes
Records Roller Coaster: Your Party Hosts Record In WWF. (Thanks to Rajahwwf.com)
Maze Of Moves: All 1004 of CJ's Moves
1004 Resturant: Great Quotes from Y2J
Ayahtollah's Arcade: Jericho Inspired Games!
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**Power Puff Wrestlers**: The Alternative to SP Wrestlers Check it Out!
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Good news, I changed my mind. Jericho Land is returning, get ready daddio, the web will never EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER be the same A-GAIN! -Sept 12

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Welcome To Jericho Land!

Hello there,

And welcome to the park that never sleeps. The place that rocks til it can't rock no more, welcome to Jericho land! And now, for the first time in the history of the net, there is a site that's good enough for you. A site that can entertain you the way you DESERVE to be entertained. A site that will innovate for the rasslin fan's amusement. WWF.com is amusing? Ah Ah, Jericho Land is amusing!

This is the first ever online amusement park build for Jericholics, by a Jericholic. What's that? You say your not a Jericholic? Well, as your hero and mine has said, "Everyone's a Jericholic, some people just don't know it yet." So get ready for the ride of your life! Below is a brief explanation of the thrills and chills you can find in the park. And to the left of here is your door to them. Rock on!

-XtremeJerich0lic (Wally)


*Site Map*

Information Kiosk: New to the park, or just curious? Well, here you can learn anything you need to know about the parks inspirational leader Chris Jericho!

Ayatollah Multimedia Multiplex: The latest in state of the art theatrics. With lasers, and sub woofers, 3D glasses, and lots of other doo dads, and whosamawhatsits!

Paragon of Parades: Every twenty minutes, you can see our famous Paragon of parades, with floats, and songs, and all that other parade like stuff.

Fun House: Laugh at the antics of Harold, groan at Curtis Gumps shenanigans, wonder what the heck Chyna's doing there.

Haunted House: Beware! Danger lies around every corner as you come within inches of Y2J's greatest foes. Like Kurk Frankenangel, Chynula, and The Roadie. (Get it? Roadie, Mummy. Hahahahahaha.)

Maze of Moves: Get Lost.....in our lush maze of exotic shrubbery, and wrestling moves!

Record Roller Coaster: Get your blood pumping with our state of the art roller coster, complete with loops, hills, and Y2J's WWF records.

1004 Resturant: Hungry or thirsty? Then take a break jerky! The 1004 Restaurant has the finest cuisine this side of the boarder. (The northern one.)

**Power Puff Wrestlers**: Wrestlers drawn in Power Puff Style See what everyone has been talking about!

Ayatollah's Arcade: No need to throw your quarters away, at Jerichom Land, all Video Games are free! Try The Save The WWF Flash Game, or take the Jericho Land Quiz!

Award Garden- A little green and a little gold. View our lush guarden of compliments and honors.

Games of Chance- Step right up! Think your site has what it takes to win the Jericho land Superior Site Award? Test you luck stranger.

Links: Um... Links?

Lost and Found: Missing handbooks and babies may be found here.

Security: Tell the owners what you want to see in Jericho Land!