Jim's PPV Predictions (Wrestle Mania 2000)

The Card: The Big Bossman and Bull Buchman Vs The Godfather and D-lo Brown Too Cool and Chyna Vs Eddy Guerrero, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn T & A (Test and Albert) w/ Trish Stratus Vs Al Snow and Steve Blackman Kane & Rikishi Vs X-Pac and The Road Dogg Cat Fight Match: The Kat w/ Mae Young Vs Terri w/ Moolah Tag Team Triangle Ladder Title Match: The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christan vs The Dudley Boyz Two Fall IC and European Title Match: Kurt Angle Vs Chris Jericho Vs Chris Benoit Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the WWF Title: Triple H Vs The Big Show Vs The Rock Vs Mick Foley

Jim's Picks: Bossman/ Bull Vs D-lo/ Godfather- Winner: D-lo & Godfather. The Boring Bossman got a new friend. Big Deal. I'm not a big Godfather fan, so go D-lo!

Too/ Chyna vs Radicals- Winner: Too Cool and Chyna. The Radicals don't fair off too good against Too Cool. And with Chyna, I doubt the Radicals have a chance.

T & A Vs Headcheese- Winners: T&A. Test and Albert are getting a huge push with the new edition of Trish. However, is it me, or does Albert look out of place?

Kane/ Rikishi vs DX- Being the huge DX fan I am... I am gonna have to go with them. Yes, I think X-Pac and Road Dogg will win. Why? Well, I have a gut feeling that we will see a heel turn by Rikishi this Sunday. He's gonna get a mainevent push like Yokozuna. Just a guess. I guess we'll see.

Kat Vs Terri- Winner: Who cares. Look for nudity. I can almost garuntee it. Hopefully not Mae or Moolah. By the Way, at the Royal Rumble, did you know Mae had a body suit on, they weren't real.

Y2J vs Angle vs Benoit- Winner of Euro- Benoit Winner of IC- Angle Yes, I'm sorry, but I think this is what will happen. Maybe a Y2J push in the near future? Maybe a low main eventer, since the Rock will be out of action for a couple months in May and June.

Edge Christan Vs Dudleyz Vs Hardyz- Winners: The Dudley Boyz. Mainly Edge and Christan will tangle w/ The Hardyz. I guess the WWF is making Edge and Christan heels? But they still get a good response from the crowd. Look for many Dudley tables. Im looking very forward to this match. The Wrestling Circus.

Triple H Vs Big Show Vs Rock Vs Mick Foley: Ok, first it was supposed to be Triple H vs The Rock. Then Triple H vs Big Show. Then Triple H vs The Big Show vs Rock. Now it's Triple H vs Big Show vs Rock vs Mick Foley. Um... Well this match can go three ways. Big Show- Little Chance. Rock, somewhat mediocre chance. It's gonna either be, Triple H or Foley. The Rock is gonna miss most of May and June, however, The WWF may make the most popular man in wrestling win the biggest title at the biggest show. But then lose it a month later? Or Triple H keeps the title. Why not? He wins every other match. Or Mick Foley. The man who says he will retire after Wrestlemania whether he wins or not. If he wins the title, he will give it up, and the WWF would have a "Deadly Games" like WWF Title Tournament. But if Foley did win (He's under his own personality, not Mankind or Cactus Jack by the way.) just imagine the prestige, the sentimental celebration with the title raised high in the air. Many fans will cry, many will smile. They will respect Mick Foley more than ever. Him standing in the ring after he wins the title, would be the highlight of the show. I don't know if he will win, but I sure hope so. Winner: Mick Foley

The Run-down: A great card. Should be a great show. The Triangle Ladder match and the mainevent are the ones to look for. And for the horny guys out there, let's see Terri's puppies! Or even the Kat's again. A must see event! Also, Crash Holly, Tazz and maybe about 10 others will be involved in another hardcore match? If so, I think Tazz will get it.