A New EHWF Champion Crowned! With Tobias Fang's victory at Wrestlemainia to become the first Global Triple Crown Champion, many are wondering what's on his mind, as a rivalry brews with Mayhem, and his old enemies the Almighty 4 return, along with Kippo giving off what could be called mixed signals towards him. We saw Kippo help Jericho to screw Tobias out of the Iron Man belt, and help him against Scott Steiner to win the GTC belt. In a recent interview, here's what Tobias had to say: "While I'm enrcedibly happy about being GTC Champ, I'm a bit confused at what the hell's going through Kippo's head. I really don't know what he's trying to accomplish, or where he stands, but he knows that if it's a fight he's lookin' for, I'm ready and willing." Tobias will compete against Mayhem at the next event in a very dangerous match set 20 feet above the ring afire, so look for some interesting developments to occur then. -A Lyx